Digital technology is transforming the way we do business, but for all the benefits, it can make you more vulnerable to the cyber criminals. IT financing is a good way to reduce the upfront cost of implementing the latest security systems.

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    In 2015 90% of large organisations and 74% of small businesses experienced a breach of some kind.
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    In 2015 69% of large organisations and 38% of small businesses were attacked by an unauthorised outsider during the year.
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    In 2015 the worst security breach of the year cost on average £1.46m – £3.14m for large organisations and £75k – £311k for small businesses.
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Why Internet Security is Vital

According to official figures, 70% of businesses report a data breach at some point. As businesses become more reliant on digital technology their data becomes more vulnerable. Technologies, such as the cloud, offer all sorts of benefits, but the cyber criminals are waiting to attack those whose systems are vulnerable.

Many businesses are poorly equipped to handle cyber security. Figures found that 70% of businesses had experienced a data breach of some kind. Hackers are looking for personal data, bank information, business details and other information which they can use to harm an organisation.

The problem is even more serious because penalties for data breaches are rising. The EU Data Protection Regulation could see companies fined as much as 4% of their annual turnover if they fail to keep customers’ data safe. Many businesses are failing to take adequate security measures – experts warn business in the UK could face fines of more than £122bn.

It is vital to update security processes and software. This includes the latest firewalls, software and equipment as well as implementing training and security protocols to make sure your staff are aware of the threats and their responsibility.

Financing for new internet security systems

All this comes at a cost. If your business is operating on tight financial margins, it is tempting to avoid paying the price, but if you are hacked, your business will suffer. Financing for antivirus and security technologies helps you manage the cost in an affordable way.

Our specialist team knows the technology available and the threat. They work with you to evaluate the best and most reliable systems for your business.

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