CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing) software is essential for a growing number of organisations from dental care to sports. Your industry and your company’s role in the design stage will ultimately affect the kind of CAD/CAM software that you need.

There are a broad range of vendors and softwares available for different contexts however the upfront cost of purchasing the software and keeping it up-to-date can easily mount up and become unaffordable.

How much does CAD / CAM software cost?

Most software out there can be trialed for free for a 30-day period. However after that software can cost anything from £500 up to £15,000. Although it’s important to remember that the cheaper the software the longer it may take a designer or engineer to complete a project, this could then greatly affect your return on investment.


Questions to ask when choosing a CAD/CAM system

When choosing a CAD/CAM system we recommend trialling as many different softwares as possible to make sure that you are comfortable with it and that it is compatible with your machines. But when you are talking to vendors here is a guide to the kinds of things you should be asking:

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    What post processors come as default with the system?
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    What level of customisation can be made to these post processors and what are the costs associated with this?
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    How will the system work with your machines?
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    What level of automation does it offer?
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    How long does it take to get to grips with the software?
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    What kind of aftercare and support is available?

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