Affordable IT Finance for Your Business

We can provide total financing for your IT requirements. Drawing on our extensive experience, we offer a personalised service and flexible financing solutions to help you achieve your business goals. Unlike other providers we do not require you to buy hardware.

We offer four two principal products – loans, hire purchase, finance lease and operating lease, but each of these can be tailor made to fit in with your specific requirements. The final service we provide will be unique to you – like a fine tailored suit.

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A flexible loan can provide the injection of finance you need to purchase a crucial piece of equipment. We work closely with you and get to understand your business and how it operates – we won’t just look at the numbers, we’ll assess your application based on everything we’ve learned about your organisation. That’s why we have one of the highest acceptance rates on offer.

We’ll create a tailored finance option which allows you to spread the costs and manage repayments in a way which is affordable for you.

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Finance Lease

A flexible and easy to manage alternative to buying technology.
You will take effective ownership of the equipment and make regular lease rental payments. When the term expires you have three options:

  • Return the asset
  • Enter a new leasing agreement – perhaps with newer equipment
  • Take full ownership of the asset with a nominal fee.

This option works well for investments of all sizes, but typical values are for purchases of more than £10,000. Businesses of all sizes can use this option to spread the costs of a system over the lease term. With technology advancing quickly, it also allows your business to upgrade to newer systems without shouldering the large initial outlay.

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Hire Purchase

If you want to invest in IT, but can’t afford the upfront cost, hire-purchase could be the option for you. As the name implies you hire equipment over the course of a contract and have the option to purchase it at the end by paying a nominal fee. It is different from a loan because you will not own the car until you pay the fee at the end of the contract.
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Operating Lease

With an operating lease, ownership of the equipment lies with the lessor rather than you. Terms typically last for two or three years and you will make regular payments. It’s ideal for large investments with a value of more than £50,000.

The advantages are that you do not own the asset and so monthly payments are normally lower than for an equivalent finance lease. It does not appear on your balance sheet and can be treated as an operating expense which means you can claim it against tax. It’s a low risk and affordable way to
make large IT investments.

£30 billion of finance was provided to businesses and the public sector to support investment in new equipment, representing almost 34% of UK investment in IT assets in the UK last year.

Features and Benefits


Conserve your cash for something better


Get a faster return on your investment


Save on your tax liability


A tidier, simpler balance sheet


Tap into an alternative source of credit


Easy budgeting to suit you


Your other assets are not at risk


No need to pay for disposal

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“The team takes a personal approach to offering advice and works hard to help clients avoid the hassle of arranging finance themselves.”

– Stewart McKechnie, Vital Energi

Businesses we‘ve helped

With over 50 years’ combined experience we are proud to support British businesses, 90% of our customers are UK SME’s.
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Creative Models

Flying the right IT solution

Cambridgeshire-based Creative Models Limited is among the UK’s leading importers, wholesalers and distributors of modelling kits and accessories. The company takes orders from all over the world, and needed to finance new business management software to meet increasing demand.

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Focus on the best software finance

We’ve used IQ Finance three times in six years, which shows we’re happy with what they do,” said Simon. “The team takes the time to keep in touch and check we’re satisfied with their service. It’s nice to have that follow up – it makes all the difference.

A Fresh Approach

As with all our services, we work closely with you to offer a flexible and bespoke service. By doing so, we offer a financing solution which helps you meet your goals and works with your particular
financial situation.

To find out more about our buying process and maximise your chances of approval, read our customer credit guidelines. Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements.

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