IQ Finance go beyond other financing providers in that we do much more than provide support for technology and equipment. Because we specialise in technology, we can assist with the entire project development offering a bespoke service tailored around your own needs.

In 2014, 38% of CIOs said that they will be investing in software and application development.

Project Development

When calculating the cost of any new IT system it’s easy to look only at the cost of new equipment, infrastructure or software, but this only accounts for a portion of the expense. You must also think about project management, HR costs through the hiring of more staff, ongoing data management, and integrating new systems into your existing organisation. These costs can mount up and be difficult to control.

The exact scale of the cost will vary depending on the organisation and the project. Some upgrades will come with relatively few requirements, while others will need more staff and a significant overhaul of practices and operations. They can be hard to predict. Figures suggest the majority of CIOs are planning to introduce new technology to their business over the coming year, but most IT projects tend to run over time and budget.

How we work

For this you need a team who understands IT and can also offer a flexible financing solution. Our team understands what a development project entails. We know every project is different and will need an individual approach which is why we develop bespoke solutions for every client, which are flexible enough to change with new circumstances.

To find out more about what our team can do, get in touch and let’s spend some time talking about your project.

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