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Data is becoming incredibly important for businesses of all sizes, but managing it is a major issue. Here at IQ Finance, we have developed a unique financing model specifically for data centres, which aligns your payments with your subscriptions and enables you to see a faster return on investment.

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Financing big data

Demand for data is growing as businesses make greater use of online and digital technology. Establishing a data centre is a major undertaking for businesses – both in terms of time and resources and the expense. Data centres need to do more than just provide the necessary real estate, they must deliver the very best performance and water-tight security. Cutting corners or buying on the cheap does not work.

Costs will come not just from the purchase of equipment but also from issues such as logistics and staff training. We can provide financing systems which help you access funding for various items


Hardware and Software


Generators and Batteries


Network and Cabling


Cooling Systems


Noise Management Systems




Staff Training and Consultancy


Business Development Strategy

Providing tailored IT financing to you

Partnering with a financing provider who understands the technology and how it works with your business can be vital. Because we understand the market, we can work with you to develop a financing plan which is ideal for your individual situation.

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