We live in an age of big data with even relatively small businesses harvesting huge amounts of information. Storing it is a challenge, but managing it effectively can be a major opportunity.

The price per megabyte has fallen in recent years, but it still represents a considerable investment. We can provide low interest data storage equipment financing and flexible leasing services tailored to you needs. Our unique model sees us develop lasting relationships with businesses. This helps us understand how you work and what you need – and develop a flexible financing solution which enables you to spread the costs in an affordable way and maximise the return on your investment.

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Getting the most from data storage

Data storage is evolving rapidly. Businesses are collecting increasing amounts of data and have much larger storage and management requirements. The rise of solid-state flash storage devices offers greater storage capacity, faster processing speeds and the ability to provide more agile access to data.

Agile data management also increases the value of data to businesses. It can be used to improve interaction with customers, open up new sales leads and enhance business analytics, helping you to see exactly how well your business is doing and where.

Businesses of all sizes have gained a competitive advantage over their competitors, streamlined running costs and increased revenue, but upfront cost remains a hurdle. Our specialist expertise in data management technology enables us to help you select the optimal system, and realise maximum ROI without the upfront costs.

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Quick Guide to Data Storage Solutions


On-premises Solutions

On-premises storage is ideal for storing large files and programmes that cannot be efficiently stored on the cloud. With on-premises storage you are not limited to or dependent on your internet connection so that even if service goes down your business can continue to run. Plus, on-premises options are often more cost-effective in long-term and will likely pay for itself more quickly.

However, there is often a large, upfront cost associated with setting up an on-premises storage and without properly managed backups your business could be left vulnerable if your internal system goes down.

Many businesses are moving over to cloud because of the easy-to-manage subscription-based model. However IQ Finance’s solutions can help create a very similar payment schedule to help fund an on-premises solution which may be better suited to the needs of your business.


Cloud Solutions

As data storage and computer processing technology has advanced so far we now have the ability to host whole servers and machines virtually within large, high-spec data centres. This has allowed businesses to access huge storage and processing potential at a fraction of the cost. Plus, many of these cloud solutions come with fully managed services, meaning that you never have to worry about an update or backup again.

Cloud solutions have enabled businesses to become more agile in the way that they work, as the technology can be easily scaled up or down to align with fluctuating needs of your business. Therefore, businesses don’t need to anticipate their storage capacity and risk being under or over prepared. With cloud storage, businesses need only ever pay for what they use making this a very cost-effective solution. Plus, even if your internal systems or personal devices go down all your data is secure and easily accessible from any other device via an internet connection.


Hybrid Solutions

For most businesses an all on-premises or all cloud solution does not work. Different aspects of the business have different needs and one single data storage solution will not always provide the best fit. This is why many businesses opt for a hybrid solution, a combination of on-premises and cloud.

Hybrid solutions allow you to take advantage of the reliability and robustness of on-premises storage whilst also leveraging the flexible and cost-effective benefits of the cloud.

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