Purchasing software is a major cost for business of all sizes. Inevitably modern technology has a limited lifespan. Performance can deteriorate over time and new systems offer increasing value.

Managing this cost is a major challenge. Buying in bulk is less expensive in the long term, but represents a considerable investment in the short term. Buying in small numbers on an as-needed basis reduces upfront cost, but will be more expensive over time.

The answer can be found with financing and leasing. At IQ Finance, we can provide flexible financing options which allow you to plan ahead and buy in bulk reducing overall expenditure without a prohibitive up-front cost. Our leasing option allows you to pay for equipment by instalments, spreading the cost and ensuring you have as much equipment at any one time as you need, and no more. Because you can then return the product and take out a new lease on other equipment, it also helps you ensure your IT equipment remains up to date.

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IQ Finance offers flexible finance and leasing solutions for helping you upgrade or purchase all of your laptops and computers at once.

This can enable SMEs to gain that competitive edge on large enterprises by having access to the same high-quality tools and devices.

IT financing for computers and laptops

Accessing computer finance from traditional providers can be difficult. Banks are increasingly reluctant to lend, and a one size fits all approach often leaves businesses out in the cold. We take a more inclusive approach. Our specialist expertise in IT allows us to offer you helpful information and advice. By working closely with you to understand your business, and the way it works, we can develop a flexible financing solution which works for you. That’s why we have one of the highest success rates in the business.

Give us a call and discuss your IT needs. One of our experts can develop a tailored financing system just for you.

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