In the modern business world, a good website is a must for almost all businesses. It will serve as a digital shop floor and can create new ways to engage with your customers. However, these can of course be expensive. IQ Finance can provide flexible finance solutions to spread the costs until you see a return on investment.

Building a website

Most businesses today develop an online presence of some form, but a website is of little use unless you know why it’s there. Are you looking to build awareness of your business by providing a place where people can go to find out about you? Are you trying to sell more product by setting up an eCommerce platform, or find new ways to engage and communicate with existing and potential clients?

Before you start, it’s vital to remember why you’ve created this website and what you hope to get from it. Start with your end goal in mind and build towards it.

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How much it costs

The cost of a website can be hard to predict. For very basic sites, there are extremely cheap templates which can go online for only a few pounds which might work for sole traders or very small micro-businesses. At their most expensive a website can cost £100,000 and more. Before starting, you should assess the likely cost and decide if it will deliver the required return on investment.

IT Financing

A well-designed and implemented website can transform your business but the big hurdle is that initial cost. IQ Finance can provide affordable and flexible financing solutions which can help you overcome those obstacles and help your business to grow.

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