Virtual reality is an exciting new technology, but while most people think of it as a platform for computer games, it’s already beginning to revolutionise business. Early adopters can gain an important competitive edge, but as it’s such a new technology it requires substantial investment.

At IQ Finance, we provide a range of financing and leasing options to spread the cost. We enable you to take advantage of the latest VR technology to push your business onto the next level.

Virtual reality in business

Businesses are using virtual reality in a number of ways. They can be used as training tools creating immersive practical training simulations for employees. Real estate agents use them to show people around virtual simulations of a house, and medical professionals can use it for diagnosis and training. In the future, the uses are exciting. Teams of professionals based in multiple locations around the world could communicate face to face in the virtual environment. Designers and builders can see the spaces they are creating before they’ve even been built.

a model wears a VR headset

VR Industry Predictions


  • VR Hardware Industry (Billion USD)

Financing virtual reality systems

With technology such as this being in the early stages, purchase prices are high. These may come down over time, but for now they represent a prohibitive cost for many businesses. However, financing options can spread the expense and reduce the risk.

At IQ Finance, we’ve developed a bespoke suite of financing services which can be tailored to your needs. Financing options reduce the cost, while IT leasing can allow you to use the equipment while paying a monthly fee without a large initial purchase price. The advantage of this is that, you can return the product and take a lease on a new piece of technology at the end of the agreement.

VR technology is evolving fast. Being able to upgrade to the latest systems at the end of an agreement is a good way to make sure you always have the latest systems.

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