Your internet connection is the lifeline to your business. If it goes down the costs can mount up quickly. The expense of installing new network and cabling systems can be a major issue to a new business when starting up. That’s why we’ve developed a range of bespoke financing options to help.

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Networking for your business

You’ll have several cabling options when starting up. A DSL network from a regular internet supplier is a good place to start and can often offer fast modems and cabling for a relatively affordable price.

Cable modems on the other hand offer a much faster and more reliable connection than DSL and can be ideal for businesses with slightly larger internet requirements.

WiFi is everywhere in the business world, but for your office connection you will still need a high performance ethernet connection. Make sure yours is good enough for your requirements. Cat 3 connections are still ubiquitous but will not be sufficient for most modern businesses. To get an adequate level of service, you will need Cat 5 and above.

Developing a wiring network from scratch will be an expensive and arduous undertaking. Grants may be in place for some organisations, but this will not cover the whole cost. However, if you come to IQ Finance, we can develop specialised tailormade financing models which include a repayment model to fit in with your business.

It means you won’t have to compromise on quality, the extent of the network or performance. By spreading the costs, you can secure the best and most reliable internet connection for your office.

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