Your business’ finance and accounting systems should grow as you do. However, upgrading to a new system can be costly and time consuming. Flexible financial systems can spread the costs and minimise the initial impact.

Accounting for your business

If you’re just starting up, accounts and book-keeping can be simple. You just need one accountant with a good working knowledge of spreadsheets. However, as your business grows, so too will your accounting needs.

Unfortunately, many businesses fail to upgrade their accounting systems to keep pace with their own development. The result – costly mistakes which can cause the business problems.

Errors in accounts can cause you to misjudge how the business is performing, whether you’re making a profit or not and how much money you have at your disposal. A more sophisticated system can provide more up-to- date reporting, a better view of your financial situation, help you save money and drive efficiency throughout the organisation.

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What we can offer

Growing businesses routinely operating on fine margins. A large investment in a new system can seem prohibitively expensive. As well as the purchase price of a new system, there’s the cost of implementation, training and consultancy.

At IQ Finance, we work with you to develop flexible financing systems that work with your budget. By understanding your business, your goals and requirements, we can develop products and repayment options which work for you.

Our specialist knowledge and uniquely personal approach means our acceptance rates are amongst the highest in the business. We’ve helped many of our clients take their business onto the next level.

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