E-Commerce is opening new frontiers for businesses of all kinds. It creates a brand new shop front, one which can open up a new group of customers around the world. At IQ Finance, we help you spread the costs of an E-Commerce system and propel your sales to the next level.

Growth of E-commerce

E-Commerce is growing rapidly. What was once the domain of major companies is now becoming affordable and accessible for companies of all sizes. The return on investment is clear. As a bricks and mortar store, your sales are confined to the immediate area around your location. Once you move into E-Commerce, you expand around the country and even, in some cases, around the world.

All this, though, comes at a cost. The exact level will vary, but an E-commerce website can cost as much as £10,000. Add to that shipping, hiring new employees, training and infrastructure cost and you have a sizable investment. You may see that investment repaid many times over, but it can still be difficult to afford that upfront cost.

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Our IT Financing Solutions

IQ Finance can help you manage the costs of the project from creating a website through to project development. Our specialist expertise and uniquely personal service allows us to get you know your business and develop tailored financial solutions which work for your organisation. It allows us to be more flexible with how we work which allows us to approve more agreements than other asset financing options.

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