A: A finance lease sees you take ownership of the asset and make regular payments. At the end, you can take full ownership for a nominal fee. Operating leases are less expensive; ownership stays with the vendor which means you make lower regular payments and don’t have any if the risks associated with owning an asset.

A: We’re an independent financier which means we can offer a more personal service and we can get back to you more quickly. We’re specialists in technology – we know what we’re talking about and build lasting relationships so we can provide more tailored and personalised services.

A: We provide all sorts of different technology from the latest advanced virtual reality systems, to software, cloud computing and much more. Have a look at our services to see how we can help.

A: Yes you can. We’re an independent financier and work with all major suppliers. This means we can give you a single, simple, financing package for all your financing needs.

A: The longest term for an agreement is five years. However, technology does change rapidly so you may be able to upgrade before the agreement is up.

A: Use our instant quote tool to get a guide price, but this may vary depending on your situation. For a more detailed quote, call us on 0800 414 5562 and one of our advisors will provide all the help and support you need.

A: Like all finance providers we look at the financial situation of your company, but we also go much deeper. We get involved with you as a business, so we understand how you work and what makes you special. This is why we have some of the highest acceptance rates in the business?

A: This varies from company to company. However, we aim to get you a decision within 48 hours.

A: You can. Technology moves quickly these days and no sooner have you brought one piece of equipment than something else comes along and renders it obsolete. Our agreements allow you to make additions and upgrade to new equipment.

A: We treat each client as an individual and always try to be flexible. If you decide to end an agreement early we will normally be able to work out a settlement agreement to end the deal?

A: Yes. When you get to the end of your agreement, you have a choice of buying it out-right for a smaller fee, continuing to lease or handing it back.

A: We deal with the financing agreement, not the technology itself. If there is a problem with the technology you should take this up directly with them. They will normally be able to fix the problem.

A: Sometimes. Depending on the agreement you have there may be additional fees. However, these will be clearly explained before you sign an agreement. We do not have any hidden fees and will not spring any surprises.


A: Cash flow is critical for most businesses and while they may see the merit of your product they may not be able to afford the upfront cost. Financing is an arrangement which allows them to pay over a period of time in a way which is more affordable. It works for them as it helps them improve their business, and it works for you because it gives you access to a customer you would not otherwise have had.

A: As part of the agreement, you will have to insure the asset, but don’t worry, we can provide you with a list of suitable insurance companies which can offer you a good deal.

A: If your buyer chooses finance you will normally get paid the same day or shortly after they sign the agreement.

A: It depends on the type of agreement you have. You or your customer may need to borrow funds against the asset. You can speak to an advisor on 0800 412 5562 to discuss your situation.

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