A company’s most valuable asset is its staff – it’s a saying we often hear, but many businesses neglect basic training either because they are not aware of it or because it costs money. IQ Finance can offer a range of flexible finance solutions to spread the costs.

Businesses should learn to assess cost in a different way. True, training may be expensive in the short-term, but well-trained staff will be more productive and effective. One company which developed a solid training system in finance and accounting witnessed a 16.3% increase in cash flow. Another study suggested training resulted in a 24% increase in profits.

% Increase
in profits due to training

Here at IQ Finance, we help fund training courses in a range of different areas, especially:

  • Training staff in new technologies and systems.
  • Software specific courses for vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, and VMWare.
  • Training for emerging technologies such as HTML5.
  • Server, cloud and networks training.
  • Professional certifications.

With the pace of change in the world of business is accelerating rapidly, staff development has never been more important. New technologies and software create challenges and opportunities. Your team needs to know how to get the most out of them and how to avoid some of the dangers, such as cyber-attacks and data loss.

We can work with you to provide flexible finance options for just about any form of training or professional development. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out how.

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