The monthly recurring business model is obviously very attractive to customers. It can also increase your company’s value by up to eight times; companies seeking to acquire others just love the reliable income stream.

Sign a three-year deal for £250,000 and you have both a strong and predictable revenue every month.

But first you have to invest in the hardware, software and services to deliver the deal and finding funding for the technology can be an issue.

Lenders often fail to understand the MSP business model making it tricky to get approved for finance.

Many lenders take you through an online application process that doesn’t allow you to present the full picture. They will only look at historical accounts which may not represent how strong your business is today.

This can leave you frustrated as an underwriter may not understand your business and may not finance the deal.

The good news is that there are lenders out there that understand MSPs.  The bad news is that they are hard to find.

Over the last 19 years we have witnessed the change to the as-a-service model and we have helped our customers manage the transition. We use this specific in-depth knowledge and experience to match you with the perfect lender. And when there is work needed to present the opportunity in a way that gets approval, we do that for you too.

Don’t waste your time having the same conversation over and over again or filling in online form after form.

We can help you. We take time to understand your business properly and we will get you the finance you require, every time you need to expand your infrastructure.

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