Demonstrating strong growth will always make you more attractive for acquisition.

But with growth comes growing pains, and one of the biggest is the substantial gap between the money you need to spend on building out your infrastructure and the revenue coming in from the customers. Getting this balance right can be the difference between your business growing and its cash flow strangling it. By using financing, you can achieve a faster return on investment and never be out-of-pocket.

There is, however, a challenge. For many growing companies, historical accounts may not really reflect how well the business is doing.  You are now going great guns but you are left with a hole as you aren’t getting approved for finance because lenders are looking at last year’s numbers. Many providers require you to fill in online application forms that give you little room for anything but figures, so while you know how strong your business is, you will never get the lender to see the bigger picture.

There is a significant skill in knowing which lender will be open to your requirements, and then knowing precisely what they will want to know to ensure you get approved.

And this is where IQ Finance can bring critical value to your business.

We have an extensive and diverse lending panel, who we have worked with for years. We know from experience who will consider your company, and we can build a compelling case for them to provide you with the finance you need. And sometimes that can mean being a little more creative, like using multiple providers to help you achieve your long term goals.

We have worked with many companies that have gone on to be acquired, and we can help you.

We take time to understand your business, so we can find the perfect funding partner from our extensive lending panel. Our 19 years of experience means we can get a “yes” more often than any other company.

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