Everyone loves a new customer win but as a Managed Service Provider (MSP), it is often where the problems start. Gone are the days when customers would invest in serious capital expenditure projects. It’s up to you to fund the new infrastructure for your customer’s solution and then wait months, or even years, to recoup this expenditure through the monthly recurring payments.

For some MSPs this can mean limiting the solutions offered to public clouds, as they don’t have the cash reserves needed to deploy private cloud infrastructure.

But your private cloud, either on its own or as a part of a multi-cloud solution, helps differentiate your business. It moves you away from your competitors that can only supply Azure or AWS. Your clients need the full power of cloud infrastructure and a private cloud will provide the most cost-effective option while increasing the stickiness of the customer.

However, purchasing the servers, storage and network hardware needed to service the customer can put a strain on the company’s finances. In uncertain times – like now – overstretching your cash reserves may prove fatal for your business.

But this shouldn’t stand in the way of winning more customers and growing your business the way you want to.

The solution is to finance the whole technology stack including hardware, software and services.

Financing the new customer win and holding on to the cash reserves will enable you to:

Align your expenditure with your income.

Achieve a quicker ROI in months rather than years.

Grow your business by serving customers that might not otherwise be possible.

If you have looked at financing before, as an MSP, it may well have proved a challenge. Many funding providers don’t understand the Managed Service Provider business model and consequently they shy away from deals.

You can beat this challenge by partnering with IQ Finance.

Unlike other providers, IQ Finance will work with you to find a funding solution right for your business. There are no online forms or check boxes to tick; we take time to consult with you so we understand your business and where it’s going.

Our 19 years of experience in this market means we have exceptional knowledge of how to present the opportunity to the right funding provider from our extensive lending panel. This results in us being able to accept a higher percentage of proposals than anyone else in the industry.

Keep hold of your cash reserves and talk to IQ Finance about partnering to grow your business.

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