In the recent Budget, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a new Super Deduction Tax Relief of 130%, available to businesses incurring expenditure on qualifying hardware and software. The scheme covers expenditure between 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2023 and is available to profitable incorporated businesses, as it offers tax relief against corporation tax. 

For the two-year period, this will be the single biggest business tax cut in modern British history.

The Super Deduction Tax Relief Scheme enables companies to claim capital allowances of 130% of the cost of all qualifying expenditure, enabling a £24.70 reduction in corporation tax for every £100 invested on qualifying expenditure.

The HMRC has said IT equipment, like computer hardware and software, is within scope of the Super Deduction Tax Relief Scheme – if its qualifying conditions are met. For instance, the equipment must be new and unused. In subscription-based purchases, HMRC said the super-deduction would apply based on the contractual terms. For example, software sold on a monthly subscription will not qualify. However, to overcome this, you can look at alternative ways to finance the purchase, like hire-purchase, and still pay in the SaaS model.


A company wishes to purchase a new hardware at a cost of £50,000.

They purchase this hardware within the 2 year period (April 1st 2021 – 2023).

At the end of their financial year, they have made a profit of £100,000.

The super-deduction of 130% (£65,000) is applied to this profit so that their profit before tax is now £35,000.

They pay corporation tax at 19% on this, so have a corporation tax bill of just £6,650 as opposed to £19,000.

It is still possible to have your cake and eat it by using financing options. You can make these investments while still enjoying the benefits of a healthy cash flow. Ultimately, you will need to own the assets, so leasing is out but hire-purchase or a loan would enable you to still qualify for the Super Deduction Tax Relief Scheme.

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