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IT Finance & Leasing Solutions

We can finance your total IT solution, whatever its composition and unlike traditional asset finance companies, your agreement doesn’t have to include hardware. Our agreements can therefore include application software, bespoke software, websites, networking, training, consultancy, implementation and in some cases, support and maintenance.

We offer various products, of which the two principal options are finance lease and operating lease. However, all our solutions can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Finance lease

This option is suitable for all sizes of investment with a typical value in excess of £10,000 over a two to five year term.

Under this scheme, you take effective ownership of the asset (appears on your balance sheet) by making regular lease rental payments. The lease rental is allowable against taxable income. At the end of the term you can return the asset, enter a further rental agreement or take full title of the assets for a nominal fee.

Operating lease

This option is suitable for hardware based investments with a value in excess of £50,000 with a typical term of two to three years. A residual value position is generally taken by the lessor which means your monthly rental will be lower than for an equivalent finance lease.

There are tax advantages, cost savings and reduced risks to be had with this option and the asset doesn't need to appear on your balance sheet. The lease rental can be treated as an operating expense and therefore allowable against taxable income.

With an operating lease, ownership of the asset remains with the lessor and not you, thereby reducing your monthly payments and removing the risk of you owning outdated equipment.

For guidance through the buying process to maximise your chances of approval read our customer credit guidelines.

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