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Case Studies

Our UK customers range from sole traders and partnerships to large corporations and government organisations. We provide excellent quality of service and show a deep understanding of each customer's unique challenges.

We take time to understand our customers' challenges - and then engineer our financial agreements in ways that best suit their business. Our deep understanding of the IT arena and the financial marketplace means we can craft the optimum package for each customer. We work quickly to make funding available as soon as possible.


Increasing capacity with tailored finance


Switched on to a new lease solution

Ozwald Boateng

Finding the perfect fit


Focus on the best software finance

Creative Models

Flying the right IT solution


Tailoring finance solutions for clients


Unlocking new sales opportunities


Making reputation a priority


Securing strong relationships

Case studies

EveryCity - increasing capacity with tailored finance

Ozwald Boateng - finding
the perfect finance fit

Contamac - focus on the
best software finance

Creative Models Limited -
flying the right IT solution


Vendor case studies

Exel - unlocking new sales

Cascade - making reputation
a priority

Datrix - securing strong